Good Life feat. Big Syke,E.D.I

Track by2Pac

  • 2001.05.23
  • 4:17


(Verse 1 - Tupac) I was so money orientated initiated as a thug Fiending for wicked adventures ambitious as I was Picture a nigga on the verge of living insane I sold my soul for a chance to kick it and bang Now tell me if I'm wrong, but saying fuck the world got ya deeper in my songs Drinking till I hurl, spending money till it's gone, it's the good life Baby niggaz got it going on No maybe if I died and came back, wouldn't have to slang crack Addicted the game, so obviously we came strapped Please forgive me for my wicked ways Fuck a bitch Bad boys eat a dick a day bumping this Lord have mercy it's a slaughter So wicked that my tracks is wetting niggaz like it's water I learned my lessons as a thug in these wicked as hood fights But I'm a baller now Nigga I live the good life (Chorus) 2X This is the good life Fuck my foes God bless the dumb niggaz That trust the hoes I found a way to stack money Guaranteed to rise I live the good good life Cause thug niggaz don't die (Verse 2 - Big Syke) No one knows, what the future holds, for you, huh huh Listen closely They say reach in your heart and you will find your mind Everyday in these streets, got my foresight blind My after time is now, peeping down the barrel of a fo' Just a nigga or a killer I don't know, so Who makes the call? Will I fall a victim like the rest? Slug in the chest, one in the dome and make sure I'm gone Send me home all alone in these cold streets The desperation, constantly drinking and I can't sleep Make deep tryin' to survive, some wanna die I wanna stay alive Eyes on the prize let me modify this whole region I declare this sucka ducking season Ya need a reason, why she turned into a softy After living so loftly It cost me my soul out of control in the Devil's world Me, and my niggaz and my girl Living the good life (Chorus) 2X (Verse 3 - EDI) I spend my days and nights, not knowing if strays in flight Will finally catch me It's the good life can ya hear me Cleary, over the edge, soon as I wake up Last night we off the hook doing way too much But it's the fast lane on that, big dealing, big sinnin', all for the money Some kill, some squeal, all for the money Most ain't even real but we still call them homies Now what the fuck is that fake love, fake thugs all in the game I watch em all plot and fall, while I come up again Outlaw never surrender is the call when the day is comin' But this nigga get to running for my click get to gunnin Str8 in the mist of all this stress and pain We're trying to get a hold of the game Living that good life (Chorus) 4X