Be A Father To Your Child

  • 1991.04.30
  • 3:44


Be a father, if not, why bother, son A boy can make 'em, but a man can raise one If you did it, admit it and stick with it Don't say it ain't yours 'cause all women are not whores Ninety percent represent a woman that is faithful Ladies, can I hear it? Thank you. When a girl gets pregnant, her man is gonna run around Dissin' her for nine months, when it's born he wants to come around Talking that I'm sorry for what I did And all of a sudden he wants to see his kid She had to bear it by herself and take care of it by herself And givin' her money for milk won't really help Half of the fathers with sons and daughters don't even wanna take 'em But it's so easy for them to make 'em It's true, if it weren't for you then the child wouldn't exist After a skeeze, there's responsibilities so don't resist Be a father to your child You see, I hate when a brother makes a child and then denies it Thinking that money is the answer so he buys it A whole bunch of gifts and a lot of presents It's not the presents, it;s your presence and essence Of being there and showing the baby that you care Stop sittin' like a chair and having your baby wonder where you are Or who you are-fool, you are his daddy Dib;t act like you ain't cause that really makes me mad, G. To see a mother and a baby suffer I've had enough of brothers who don't love the Fact that a baby brings joy into your life You could still be called daddy if the mother's not your wife Don't be scared, be prepared 'cause love is gonna getcha It will always be your child even if she ain't witcha So don't front on your child when it's your own 'Cause if you front now, then you'll regret it when it's grown Be a father to your child Put yourself in his position and see what you're done But just keep in mind that you're somebody;s son How would you like it if your father was a stranger And then tried to come into your life and tried to change The way your mother raised ya-now, wouldn't that amaze ya? To be or not to be, that is the question When you're wrong, you're wrong, it's time to make a correction Harassin' the mother for being with another man But if the brother man can do it better than you can, Let him. Don't sweat him, duke Let him do the job that you couldn't do. You're claimin you was there, but not when she needed you And now you wanna come around for a day or two? It's never too late to correct your mistake So get yourself together for your child's sake And be a father to your child


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