Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto

  • 1991.04.30
  • 3:25


I pumped bomb on the calm, with no alarm And never thought that it would get to my moms But when she found out, she made me take the pound out And get out with it, man I could forget it Now I'm stayin with this girl who got a kid By another nigga, whose crew is much bigger But he don't dig it cause his jim hat broke But she kept the baby, cause he pumps coke Now her crib is the new weed spot To get the smoke or the choke, it was gettin mad hot The next morning, while she was still sleeping I was creeping to Jenny, here's a note, don't sweat it Forget it, cause it ain't worth it I need to be alone when I'm goin under the surface Now I'm out to hit my workers Two damn niggaz, and one Turkish white boy Who got Southeast sewn up Business blowin up, and I'm still growin up Only 17 and got my own crib And still learnin how to live on the streets of the ghetto The streets of the ghetto [x3] Now I got friends cause the G's is comin in Skeezers comin in, and I'm still runnin in and out Taking care of biz on the block I brought my crew, ten new Glocks.. .. just in case trouble knocks Cause nowadays, we don't box I'm eighteen gettin mad green off the fiends Brand new sneakers, a cut, and some jeans Is what the businessman wears in the ghetto That makes the whitey petrol But I still can't let go, even though I'm makin Crooked dough, the system is easy to beat And my shit's still not complete Because I'm on my way to my first key That was the biggest shit I ever bought G I ain't gettin locked down, so I walk there, lock it up Got my first key, now it's time to rock it up Don't you know where it's gonna go? Right out there... on the streets of the ghetto The streets of the ghetto [x3] Now I'm up to three keys, pounds of weed and sellin bundles Distributin all three, to get all the fundzoes The word around town is I'm the new Nino Brown Twenty years old, I like the way it's goin down I got money to burn -- dropped out of school Cause they couldn't teach me what I needed to learn On how to earn big money, big money I got the fortune, and a crib where it's sunny But like a dummy, I started gettin careless Talkin on the phone, so DEA could hear this Date transaction the time and the spot My world crashed on me, when I got caught Now I'm locked, with the niggaz that are trife No more money no more women for the rest of my life Be in a cell, goin through hell Just because you sell, they make sure I fell, oh well Now I'm fitting, with fifty to go And I never see the streets of the ghetto no mo'


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