• 1991.04.30
  • 4:16


[Intro/Chorus: samples of Big Daddy Kane] "I'm different, so don't compare me to another" [x3] "If they can't hang, word to the mother" [Verse One: Ed O.G.] I'm not like anyone else, so don't you think up or make suggestions "He rap like so-and-so" aiyyo yo know that's out of the question Plus it don't sound right, cause I don't sound like -- him?? Or try to G like, see like, or even be like them Or anyone else I'm goin for self you opened your mouth and then I stuff you You're like a floor; walked on, waxed, and then I buff you Plus you think you're tough too? Witcha garbage style, rubbish nothing but trash You wanna try me? Come on I got some shit for that ass I never be weak, doze off, fall asleep or get tired Put wings on your head, so it's easier to fly it Off you go, blaow, off the block Get funky on you suckers like a gym sweat sock Cause I turn, to inflict, pick your hair up like a pick Ed O.G., here is me, I make medicine sick I'm never takin a loss, but beatin em down with force Go when Dave writes the source, I got more holes than a golf course Here's a lyrical lesson, so you losers you learn Wack raps are like weak jim hats, you break and get burned So I dare thee to compare me to a soft-hearted sucker I'm different, so don't compare me to another [Chorus] [Verse Two: Ed O.G.] Some of the people wanna be equal wishin that they could be me They never benign, got many who rhyme in the East so don't attempt to be Thinkin that you could do that, boy if you only knew that I can't hold back, stompin a sucker I enjoy that My impact, on contact, will overlap, your wack rap Cause def tracks, exact to react, and attack the wack I won't slack, but smoke smack slap you sap Straight your soft so I put you in stacks And stomp a sucker dead in his tracks, takin apart you righ to the max Wake to the wonderful words, buggin you up and then waxin Never ever takin a half-step, you diss oh that's your last step You slept Joe, with strep throat, so now I'ma bust your rep Droppin this, strictly on the metropolis No comp for this, so why do you persist in this Go ahead and attempt to; you better be filing exempt too - - cause you're a student, who's intruding Out of your district, oh well - another statistic While I'm statin the swift style strictly, then switchin this Swarm in a storm somehow, and leavin your shitlist Smoke smack slap you sap, you are a sickness Step and stand still boy, so I can stick this Sword of rap, straight up your spine sap So you will be too scared, you swallow my style in your stomach Let me shoot my sperm, until she screams and squirms, see But don't sweat that I got a jim hat for safety So I dare thee to compare me to a soft-hearted sucker I'm different, so don't compare me to another [Chorus] [Verse Three: Ed O.G.] Ed O.G.'s imposing threat, to be dreaded To those I beheaded, the rest just sweated But some of them are skeptical, so I step With full packed force, and you know what, I wrecked the hoe So don't put yourself, in that predicament Because I'm sick of it, and you'll go out quicker than Bounty The Quicker The Picker-Upper while I soak em I might choke em, or even smoke em, NAH But I'll max, and I'll just tax And keep scopin by oneses, just like Jacks See I compete with the weak I come across I'm too elite to defeat, step off cause you're soft When I elaborate, the ruler is smooth, I collaborate In a state to straight that you hate After this I'll be famous, but not the same as Those who proclaim this I'll leave them nameless Thinkin you're hard with your backup, punk don't make me crackup By yourself you just choke up, and plus get smoked up So I dare thee to compare me to a soft-hearted sucker I'm different, so don't compare me to another [Chorus x5]


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