Party Time

Track byRun DMC

  • 1990.11.19
  • 4:34


Intro/Chorus: {unknown singers} It's party time, and we came here to party so get up and move your body, cause it's party time It's party time, and we came here to party so get up and move your body, cause it's party time (Run) Come inside, the time is fine and I'm really ready to drop a heavy bassline on the crowd that's loud and proud the rhyme is mine and the jam of party time We're well equipped to flip and trip you out I never slip but I rip the jam no doubt So grab a girl?? I know you wanna play The funky jam I never quit until the break of day Here we go on a Afrolistic journey Here come the jam but don't forget to bring?? to make sure the beat is upheld The beat is raw and Run's banged it well to make it take you to your destination It's just the jam that slam across the nation I gotta rock, you know I gotta good rhyme So grab a girl, and listen to the good times Now sweat til you're wet and get done and I'll bet you get some.. heat to release the piece to have fun So just grab a girl, cause it's party time Chorus (D.M.C.) Groove, breathe, wind blowin the leaves I'm at ease, can you feel the funky sensation I might take a vacation on the seven seasons Reasons to be cheerful, sun shinin, Run rhymin I'm right behind him Jay, you know where to find him Shinin like a diamond, if I'm lyin I'm dyin {girrrrrrrrrrrls, drive me crazy} So fine, goin out of my mind I keep em goin, they sayin, I've got the rhyme Ooze, cruise, gonna take a cruise Jing-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling I'm never singin the blues Afros, studios, doin shows four-O's I suppose, no one knows who's rockin the hoes, tell me that You gotta be (funky) Chorus (Run) Now let your body be free And yeah, go you know Never slow the flow til it's time to go Cause that ain't the way you play the crowd You gotta mingle, single girls allowed So round em up, get a cutie in the spot Look at the booty, do me, time to rock And make all the girls give up the play Get on the floor and make your day So you're illin, still it's four o'clock You won't leave til you see em close the spot You gotta stay til they play the last song til the night gives light to the early morn' Check the place and the taste of the bass is on the case A negative thought that you brought just erased Put away the nine and keep in mind that the jam'll slam when it's party time Chorus (*repeat with ad libs to fade*)


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