Word Is Born

Track byRun DMC

  • 1990.11.19
  • 2:53


Let's begin, to talk 1990, and this is what's goin' on To the break of dawn 24/7, Run-D.M.C. in effect, that's warning All those weak-rhymin', rewindin' MC's That means you pause My word is born Yeah, speakin' on truth From the old school on down to the youth Since the days, that I was the age of Three stop, listen to me This is how it used to be, go Stand on another line, why? You did a crime now the time is mine I school you and your crew, why? You'se is my brother Stop, sellin' and killin' one another Take some time, to see what's missin' Brothers in the [Incomprehensible], we on a mission Thinkin' back from the sale you made And back home, a grave is what your brother paid His life, because of a system Now you think you're down, you cold dissed him Shut up, 'cause I'm fed up, with this culture And flyin' high in the sky, a big vulture Waitin' and debatin', to see who's next For brothers and sisters of the opposite sex So hold on, keep it intact And go on, flow on, positive black B-boys be black be proud, right on You know we're bout to be black and my word is born My word is born My word is born My word is born Let's, let's, let's begin to talk truth, it seems That y'all make a big out of things that are small We all play the same game for fame to claim [Incomprehensible] bright lights and write your name They'll soup you up, 'til you think you're large Got a spot on tour, but I'm still in charge A big nigga's hittin' it, don't renege Bust a rap like a cap like a snap of twig That extends from the hands of a branch on a tree Like you new jack rappers, run from me I got proof of truth, I cut and go raw Word 'em up D, my word is born 1990's And ain't nuttin' changed, punk


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