Chief Rocka (Explicit)

  • 2014.06.20
  • 3:55


[Lord Jazz cuts and scratches 'Chief Rocka'] [Verse One: Mr. Funke] Boom shaka laka yo here comes the Chief Rocka Rock it down, so jump up off the tip you're not my nucca For sharper type to battle make the people say ooh ahh Think I won't curse, I'll break down and say puta ?Hey, madrigon, sesa me bichafi mi chocha? Say what I want because, I'm that type of guy Now fam-a-lam, I'll be damned, slam jams the weak Could it be the skunk weed that makes us oh so funky? Now hold it let me choose, couldn't be the booze No it's the shoes (the shoes?) It's gotta be the shoes! Cause girlies, they clock, they stand around and jock So I say boom shaka lak, grab the microphone then rock To tell you the truth, when on the mic I'll say anything that sounds good Like jump and a grump and sound over some uhhh!? The Cat in the Hat and the mouse ran up the stairs "That doesn't make no sense!" C'mon who cares? See even without the gift there's yours so don't be tryin to knock me I say what I want to say, as long it sounds funk Some MC's wanted to buy me, so they try to take stands But they don't understand, I'm the motherfuckin man I amaze and astound, rhythm up and down Smack a group of them around, let them know who wears the crown Who's-the-tip-of-the-top, the-cream-of-the-crop, the-best-under-the-sun? I'm the Lord Chief Rocka, number one, Mr. Funke, uhh [Lord Jazz cuts 'The Lord Chief Rocka, number one, Chief Rocka' x8] [Verse Two: DoItAll] Well umm, boom, shak-a-lak, I got the flavors, the funk Whew! And it's smellin up the hip-hop A little bit of this, a little bit of that Mixed a, little of this, and now I gotta rap I'm the, Chief Rocka, so I guess I am in charge I freak it with a twist so you'll boom it in your cars I'm the, one with the flow and the grip like G.I. Joe I snatch, I grab, and then I grab the dough, see if I was an Indian I'd still be the Chief The only other difference I'd smoke weed in a leaf To the hip, the hop, to the hibby to the hibbidy Hip-hop, oh no, I don't wanna go pop! I got, too much soul, rhythm and blues R&B ya see, all that's cool, but Hip-hop and rap yeah that's where my heart's at Even back when I used to break on a box Backspins for backspin, even while I'm rappin Before I had a record, I always kept em clappin Freestylin on the block, now I Chief Rock I always entertain, by diggin in my crux My brain, so if it's gonna rain let it rain I spook you with the hit, make you jump like House of Pain Boogaloo boogaloo, shake and jump And remember, remember, Chief Rocka won't front [Lord Jazz cuts 'The Lord Chief Rocka, number one Chief Rocka' x4] [Verse Three: DoItAll, Mr. Funke] [DIA] Ay Mr. Funke [MrF] Whassup? [DIA] Can I get assistance? [MrF] For what? [DIA] For what? Yo Jazz, flex a cut Well back is the backer, I'm chillin with my knocker And if ya got beef, then you can live with Jimmy Hoffa like [duo] what goes up, must come down [DIA] But not me clown I cut em, crack a speaker when I'm pumpin So jump in, and watch your earrrs start hummin Through the block, and don't forget to boom shak shak-a-lak [MrF] Well damn DoItAll can I rock? I hear a beat I grab the mic, and then I start this workin The kids around the way used to think that I was buggin But they don't understand how I feel about the funk I walk with the funk, I talk with the funk I eat with the funk, I sleep with the funk I live for the funk, I'll die for the funk So now what do they say, when I'm walkin up the block? Boom shaka laka there goes the Chief Rocka [Lord Jazz scratches until fade]


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