How Many Emcee's (Must Get Dissed) (Explicit)

Track byBlack Moon

  • 2014.06.20
  • 3:00


I'm takin' it back, come follow me, On a journey you'll see of a real MC. The mind tricks the body, body thinks the mind is crazy. Whateva's lazy, when I get the flow I'm swayzee. I...break, You...take, Whatever type of shit that Nigga Buckshot make. The incredible, lyrical and original, You can kill the bull if you wanna take a pull. Whatever I see I attack (tack), Fuck off my back black, Nigga fuck that! The devil lurks and my heart irks for the hell, Look into the eyes of a Nigga who fell. I hit my head on the concrete to beat defeat, (gunshot) another dead Nigga in the street. Bullseye, direct hit don't miss, But how many MC's must get dissed? Chorus: How many MC's must get dissed? (7X) I can break you down like whatever you want, You want it like this? I hit you miss, but you get dizzed when I'm pissed. Mis-ter Buckshot rockin' not quick, Bitch, get off my dick! I rope 'em up and loot 'em up then shoot 'em up... Whateva, I'm clever because I wear my leather in the winter. I enter the stage, Nigga cock your guage, I bust 'em off somethin' awful, and then I leave the stage. I'm just a crazy maniac murderer murder type thinkin', Ya shittin, ya ass stinkin, I see you blinkin'. I wet 'em, then forget 'em never shoulda met 'em, But he was talkin shit to my man so I had to get 'em. Yup, you can get the fist...whateva, But how many MC's must get dissed? Chorus: How Many MC's must get dissed? (6X) I got a nigga on scope through the eye of a needle, But to have the Nigga Buck on the mic is illegal. Pain as a Nigga brain I'm goin' insane, Pound after pound I come stomp on your brain. Pick up the boot better be jetty with the loot, Don't try to walk with a switch Bitch like you're cute. You just gettin me sick my dick you ride on the regular, Kin predator etcetera yeah right! So fuck what ya heard, it's about gettin blitzed, In 1993 Muthafuckaz get this... Chorus: How Many MC's must get dissed? (8X)


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