How I Could Just Kill a Man (Explicit)

Track byCypress Hill

  • 2014.06.20
  • 3:48


Don't let nobody treat me like crap I'm pulling heads off sharp and smack em off francs The best in these days I smoke on these tracks I'm gonna mash your plan for holding me back Jump up rush the office with the gat Letting the niggas see where my mind is at Hurry up to the walls see how I react But I keep coming back and that's for a fact I got to be, but no road I got dropped And take each day the bullshit don't stop Got to act with the man cause I don't suck cock No matter how bad I want to get to the top The music go out like a fucking lot With the key and the ? I rap and just stop Come and see me on a "soul assas" trip Hitting stage, generate, pumping all that [Chorus] You can't fuck with me I am everything you ever want to be A fucking man! You can't fuck with me I am everything you ever want to be A fucking man! If y'all ever need help I don't wait And I come from some shit that's put away I hit these suckers that think they so great Still a nigga die, so they can update No matter how you try you'll always be fate Breaking off chunks off of what I create I see that liquorish all over your face Backstab a nigga in the mist of the chase Fuck the bullshit let's get to the bottom Stomping punk styles, aging rock got em Only thing I don't want to say when I drop em Loading my shells so don't try to hock em Hitting the ? with the jig-ass beats Bite my style, is the only way to compete Smoke anybody if I ever ? And anybody else that want to fuck with me [Chorus] I sing funky-ass shit that I bring ? a lot when I do my thing Check it out y'all ain't no one nicer Got it going on with the mighty want to cipher Got a women crazy when I beg And hip-hop styles with the ss thing Trust no one ain't nobody your friend Cause this business hear all about to end Don't mean coming back when they bust the raps And all the little things of the nicer tracks Hanging out in this uniform Keep what I'm doing here all night long Is to keep it going, bring the thunder and pain Ain't bitches same since I went insane Fucking with these bitches up in this game To the ? on my fucking train [Chorus]


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