I'll Be Your Player

Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2001.06.05
  • 3:16


Bein that I'm real, I feel you need a man in your life child Somebody black, baldheaded, plus buckwild They call me Trick Daddy dollars A real woman scholar If a player's what you want, lil mama holla Don't bother asking your friends about my benz or ends Unless you plan on me staying in I get my freak on, plus my back's strong, No more sad songs for long, girl you daddy's home I'll be your player I need a player in my life tonight somebody that'll treat me right and just, hold me tight all through the night I want a player in my life Yeah, you can play your sex games, kinky things but still maintain I'm running game while you giggle off my ghetto slang I want the best for you First, nobody stressing you A good girl, therefore God's been blessing you So go with your first mind Get it right the first time Hang tight, 'cause early on be your worst time You got me wanting you bad so I been watching you And while they calling me dad, I'm simply jocking you clocking you Watching the threads in your dazzy dukes Hawking you Watching you move in your?baka? suit Your body too You'll go get it, therefore you bout it boo 5'3", and I can see what you got for me Show me some love Kisses and hugs Bubble baths in hottubs Plus baby oil back rubs You got me heated up Slow it down, then we can speed it up Plus, you bringing out the freakinus Free your mind Let me and you spend some time I'm on that sixty and I'm headed for that nasty nine Come take a ride with me If I slip, baby slide with me And you can shift into the ride with me And glide with me High to the sky with me Right here on the side of me I'll be your player Chorus *call me X-rated* I'll eat your coochie with your legs up Down your back, up your crack, then I'll blow all in your butt I'll suck your ass where your drawers crawl Suck them titties and all and make you climb the wall You taste so sweet (ahh) From your head to your feet It's my treat So baby girl just let me eat and call me freaky deaky 'cause I want to be your servant And while I'm servin I'll slap you up with syrup and butter Average niggaz wouldn't do the things I do I'm on my knees so please just let me taste you Shit, my mind's in the gutter, I'm eatin your butter Pink eggs and ham, Girl you taste just like spam I'll be your player


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