So High (feat. Trey Songz and 8Ball)

Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2006.12.25
  • 4:29


Trick Daddy Dollars 8 Ball Trey Songz We High Good evening ladies and gentlemen This is your captain speaking to ya I would like to welcome ya'll aboard my flight A flight that is promised to take you high Way high up in the sky So get out your blunts Your dutchmasters And your backwoods And I'll turn your seatbelt signs off (Verse 1) I only smoke the best bud Jamaica and Bahamas got the best serve Yes sir I can smoke Toke after toke Won't give the triple choke And it won't hurt my throat Nope C****y eyed Just riding and vibing On that real fire Be high for two or three hours And I'm cool wit A.I. But hey I ain't too much into phillies But split a dutch and I'll refill it And ain't friendly so nope you can't hit it Good trees Your collard greens full of r****r seeds You use too many chemicals To much added stuff fool That ain't real kush One joint of that G-14 Will have you higher than your highest dreams Just float-ing Not knowing if your coming or going But when its partly cloudy Get prepared for the storm and get high (Chorus) Roll up and feel the vibe Lay back Enjoy the ride (enjoy the ride) Inhale (inhale) deep inside Exhale (exhale) we so high X2 (Bridge) In a short while We'll get our lovely lovely lovely stewardess comin through With snacks and drinks If anybody got cotton mouth or the munchies (so high) (deep inside) (we so high) So ya'll keep smoking that good good(deep inside) Have you flyin home (we so high) High in the sky (lay back enjoy the ride) (Chorus) (Verse 2) Roll up a cigarillo Fire it up and hit it It feels so good man It's hard for me to quit it MIA land of the palm trees T double D came through with the bomb trees And when a n***a inhale this Gotta put my shades on Get behind tint In the clouds Lookin down on the ground 8 ball Big, black, player from the mound Remember when I used to have them dime sacs Little circle by my house was the w**d trap Now my ziplock be full of bubble kush Funky like a broad b**hwhen she on d****e Fruit cocktail You could tell by the smell Burn one let the whole club know I'm here (Hey) lets fly tonight Come with your boy and get high tonight (Bridge) Feel the vibe Ain't nothing like being able to smoke some ol' good good (Deep inside) And be way up here in the air (we so high) Away from all the troubles (feel the vibe) Problems that's going on down there (Deep inside) In the real worldoh it feels good don't it (We so high) (Chorus) (Verse 3) The only people I know who don't smoke is Jesus CO And my last P.O. Yo but I ain't on no papers no more I ain't gotta creep and sneak At least not to blow I spent my first two years getting high Smoking dollar joints Rolled outta 1.5 That was round '84 '85 Smoke all week for the dime A n***a that live Visine ain't help clear up my eyes Spray cologne on when it was time for me to go home I been doin this for 20 years I ain't never seen or heard one man that weed done killed So just chill Take a puff here or there To bring you a little down off your heels After that go and eat you a meal But you gon have to bathe you're a** to get that smell out your hair (Chorus) (Outro) Signing off yours truly It's the booger man himself Well I can take you all across the world Everywhere but the electric chair Finna let you see everything But the wind But then again You'll never get high like this again


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