Chevy (feat. Young Steff)

Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2006.12.25
  • 4:05


(Chorus) I'm riding hard in the donk/ Lookin big in the donk/ Gotta get it in my donk/ Steady grillin in my donk/ I'm riding with my top down/(Top Down)/ I'm just trying to put my mack down/ And I'm just flossin in my heavy chevy/ X2 (Verse 1) I feel like an old Seven tray impala/ Wit no doors and no windows/ Wit no oil/no g*d dam**d water/ Been riding around for over 200,000 miles/ With no tags/no insurance/ On some old bald head a** tires/ My alignment off/timing off/ S**t lookin real bad/ Cuz I'm down to my last quarter tank of gas/ Good thing the weather's in fair condition/ Cuz where I'm from/ All year long n****s need air condition/ But I ain't got none cuz my compressor gone/ And I keep hearing a tick tick tick ticker sound/ I think one of my heads is blown/ They say for 1500 I can get it rebuilt/ But I ain't got a dime/ I'm going through some hard times/ I ain't lyin/ (Chorus) (Verse 2) You know s**t get rough/ Every year around the same time/ The longer you wait/the longer its gonna take for you to calm it down/ And it's gon take more than a check for X to pimp my ride/ I'ma need me a new blockbuster deal/ For a n***a to live/ Its gon take shady 4,5 maybe 6 mil/ I done did 6 albums n***a/ This s***s real/ And now you trippin/ Cuz my transmission ain't slippin/ I ain't getting no younger/ I'm damn near 50/ I've been ticketed and towed/ And broke down on the side of the road/ Steering column been broke up/ But never been sold/ So this time I'ma need me some insurance/ I need me some medical/and dental/and some gangsta a** instrumentals/ So I can get this s**t all chromed out/ Painted candy apple green/ The wettest s**t a n***a ever seen/ If daddy dollars can't do it/ G*d dam**t it must can't be done/ And I must be a motherf****n pearl shine/ (Chorus) (Verse 3) Ain't nothing like and ol' full tank of gas/ Ain't nothing like being waxed and washed/ Then being valet parked/ And I got rid of that old bad cough/ Got me a new cam and exhaust/ A n***a pushing 500 horses/ And that's without the spray/ Get out my way/ Get out your car/ This green thing/ Is a motherf****n superstar/ The American Idol of the Chevy game/ Trick Daddy Dollars/ Don Dada/ A f****n donk rider/ (Chorus)


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