Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2006.12.25
  • 4:59


Chorus) This for the boys that?s on the grind/ Servin bids and doin crime/ Stuck in the pen and doin time/ Facin 10, 20, Life/ (Verse 1) Make ways of the 90?s/ Babies havin babies (Babies havin babies)/ N*****s dyin young/ Boy this s**t crazy/ You got drugs and guns/ But a n***a need them/ Prospect for a jack/ Then you can squeeze them/ To his head/ Left him deader than a doorknob/ Chose to rob/ He should have got a muthaf****n job/ His kids left without a pops/ Cuz he got shot/ His mama struggle every 5/ Now she slangin her car/ Probably lost full cost/the bills are late/ S****y diapers on her babies/ And they haven?t ate/ So she flex/catch a date/its her duty though/ She never h*?d but it?s the only way to go/ She turned a trick/got a bare buck/food to eat/ The bills are due in one week/so she?ll be back on the street/ She get a check/but that ain?t s**t but the f****n rent/ And food stamps in the wind/that ain?t s**t to spend/ Oldest child is her son in the 7th grade/ And he?ll just be turning 12 on his birthday/ A small boy with a brain to make a good life/ But he don?t sleep at night/ So he can?t function right/ Sister needin a crib/ He gots to pull through/ Quit school/snatched a book/and hit for grands too/ He was in love wit school/now they won?t let him back/ He started hangin with the boys/now he slangin crack/ He got this young girl pregnant/what she gon do/ Have a baby hope his daddy don? t die too/ The young n****?s in the county on the 10th floor/ Jumped out and roped him with a little dope/ His first charge so they gave him house arrest/ He better chill/cuz he don?t know the prison next/ He left his crib one night/went out hangin out/ He wasn?t home when the c******s came by the house/ Now he up the road in Broward wit a year to do/ Now he wildin? already doin his whole two/ His little shorty bout to walk/soon to talk/ His mama is the daddy/because that is all he saw/ (Chorus) And now this n***a need money up the road/ Plus a pair of shoes and socks to wear to vis her/ She try to visit every week now she dead broke/ She missed one weekend because she needed flow/ He cursed her out/called her names/made the girl cry/ She won?t accept his phone calls/and he wonder why/ She got another n***a in her life now/ She tired of kissin a** and getting cursed out/ He found the will to chill/now he on the turf/ Told the girl lies/Promised that he gon work/ She left that n***a/went back to that same jit/ He copped a vert/on ther corner doin the same s**t/ She sayin/You told me things/and I believed them all/ They stay together/got a condo up in C.C./ A water bed/big screen t.v./ He getting money but he ain?t savin none up/ Dropped a grip/bought his big new dodge truck/ He sixteen but he deep in the dope game/ Got connections to them boys slangin cocaine/ He got a name/all the h**s call him diamond d**k/ But he got robbed one night for this big lick/ They had the ups/he couldn?t buck/down to gave it up/ They got all his jewelry/10 grand/and his new truck/ And now he back on his d**k but he pissed off/ He knew the jack boys got him/go and take em out/ He got drunk one night and told his boys off in the hood/ How he got his money back and now he doin good/ He ridin round his city with the same gun/ Police pulled the boy/booked a murder 1/ He made the news/now he famous got a lil rep/ Done left his lady and his baby/ all by they self/ Jumped on a plea/5 for 3/ Now its cold comin from his dog JB/ JB drivin his shit/fuckin his best bitch/ Supposed to be best friends/and he done crossed the jit/ And he holla at his shorty every week/kinda mad at the h* so they don?t speak/ Outta sight/outta mind/cuz he got time/ And he aint getting out until 2029/ (Chorus)


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